Construction machinery giant makes headway through innovation

2019年02月11日 10:29:49 | 来源

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  Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group or Xugong Group has highlighted innovation-driven industrial upgrading and worked hard to open up the international and domestic markets through active participation in the Belt and Road initiative in the past year since General Secretary Xi Jinping paid a visit to Xugong at the end of 2017.

  In December 2017, Xi Jinping went on an inspection tour to Xugong, a leading part of China's construction machinery industry, based in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province.

  At the company, Xi boarded the control cabin of a newly designed all-terrain wheeled crane and asked about the function, production and price of the machine.

  Xi was told that the crane was independently designed and produced by XCMG using more than 30 patents and sold in many developed countries. He encouraged the company to continue to boost innovation.

  As a big country, China must keep emphasizing development of the real economy, Xi said during the inspection tour, adding that manufacturing is essential to the real economy, which should be driven by innovation and key technologies.

  Xugong, founded in 1943, is the world's fifth-largest construction machinery company and is ranked 65th in the list of China's Top 500 Companies, according to the company’s files.

  Bearing in mind the General Secretary's expectations, in 2018, Xugong made headway in its structural upgrading of the engineering cranes such as XCMG cranes, road rollers, graders and heavy trucks to ensure its march towards the path of high-end, high added value, high reliability and large tonnage, as is evidenced by more than 1,000 valid patents throughout the year.

  Mining machineries, which are high-end products in the construction machinery sector, used to be produced in only four countries around the world. Xugong worked hard on the development of independent controllable technologies and gained the upper hand of development by producing 200-tonnage, 400-tonnage and 500-tonnage machines throughout the years, as is evidenced by the obtaining of more than 150 patented technologies in mining machineries last year, which further helped the Chinese mining machinery industry to make breakthroughs on the international market.

  Xugong is now working extra hours to fulfill the orders placed by Australian mining firms with 4 cranes delivered and 12 dump cranes ready for delivery.

  In 2018, Xugong exported 60 large-scale complete sets of equipment to Australia at one time. This is the first time that Chinese enterprises have exported large-scale mining equipment to the global high-end market. Soon afterwards, it made inroads into the market of Russia, another mining power in the world.

  In 2018, Xugong registered 100 billion yua of operating revenue, ranking first in the industry for 29 consecutive years. Its products have reached out to 97% of the countries and regions along the Belt and Road, securing the largest market shares in 35 countries and ranking the sixth place among the world's construction machinery enterprises. In 2019, Xugong will continue to concentrate on innovation and go all out to open up the international and domestic markets in a bid to advance to the top five of the world.