Lianyungang Customs helps upgrade China-Europe freight train

2018年12月06日 13:58:14 | 来源

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  The China-Europe freight train departing from Lianyungang City now offers complete stop-to-stop rail transport along the Lianyungang- Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey route, for the first time since it was launched three years ago, said Nanjing Customs on December 4.

  An official in charge of customs supervision in the port city said the cargoes on the train were mainly mechanical equipment, electronic products and daily necessities with a total weight of 878.5 tons in 102 TEUs. These goods will be transported along the New Eurasian Land Bridge and Trans-Caspian International Transport Route to reach destinations in several countries. This certainly marks an upgrade of the freight train network as it will further facilitate the combined land and sea transport network across Eurasia and strengthen the new logistics transportation system, with port as a hub and train as the carrier.

  Since 2017, a series of measures have greatly improved the overall speed and time for customs clearance, such as the integrated inspection, declaration, and “tariff guarantee insurance.” Tariff guarantee insurance, a new pilot transaction put forward by the GACC, is designed to take Customs authority as the insured party and allow the importers to utilize Insurance Company-issued policy that can replace tariff deposit or bank guarantee for tariff, thus clearing customs before paying duties.

  The new version of Nanjing Customs Logistics Monitoring System for railway and the assistant system for customs supervision for integrated transportation, independently developed by Lianyungang Customs, make it possible to improve customs clearance operations and enable enterprises to freely choose the time to process the procedures necessary for using the China-Europe freight train. These efforts also help the trade line to expand the transportation services.