Man from Jiangsu donates hematopoietic stem cells to German patient

2018年05月16日 14:10:02 | 来源

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  A man from Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province, donated his hematopoietic stem cell for the live-saving surgery of a German patient.


  Wang Yong, a 45-year-old air-conditioning repairman from Yangzhou, arrived at Nanjing for the donation surgery, marking the first time that donor from Jiangsu has donated hematopoietic stem cell for a patient in Germany.

  It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon and Wang Yong was seen contributing his stem cell in a ward of the Department of Hematology of Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University.


  Wang used to be a military serviceman and a driver of a car rental company before becoming an air-conditioning repairman. The sudden surge of temperatures means it is the busy season for air-conditioning maintenance. Wang, however, has given up his daily income of 1,000 yuan and arrived in Nanjing more than a week in advance for the surgery.


  The stem cell donated by Wang will be transplanted into the blood vein of the German leukemia patient on Wednesday.

  Donors from Jiangsu have contributed stem cells to recipients in the USA, the UK and ten other countries.

  (Source: Jiangsu International Channel)