Nanjing poised for famous city with global influence

2018年02月13日 13:40:32 | 来源

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   The city of Nanjing released 45 supporting rules on Monday to echo its "No.1 Document" that was released on January 1st and put forward "Ten Innovations" on the goal of building a famous city with global influence. 

  The supporting rules focus on innovation of colleges and universities, business innovation, all kinds of talents innovation and entrepreneurship, innovative carrier platform and science and technology service agencies, innovation and ecological construction.

  9 supporting rules were unveiled for the support of startups by talents of various kinds.


  The talent-oriented rules include those for college students, high level talents, young and mid-aged top-notch professionals and high level overseas talents.

  A one-time subsidy of 1000 yuan will be given to those graduating from colleges in other provinces when they come to Nanjing for the job interview.

  A one-time subsidy of 2,000 yuan will be given to those who launch their business startups and receive license permits.

  The municipal and district budget will earmark 6 billion yuan this year to encourage innovation at various levels. 

   (Source:Jiangsu International Channel)