Chinese university students turn fallen leaves into art2019-11-16

  • A fallen leaf is painted with different colors. Magic! Students from Jiangnan University in Jiangsu province, East China, transformed fallen ginkgo leaves into butterflies, goldfish, clothes... Enjoy fall through their art![Photo provided to Xinhua]
  • Ballet dancers.
  • Leaves are turned into ornaments at home.
  • Hot air balloons.
  • An ant with... eight legs?
  • A butterfly.
  • A girl wears a headdress made of leaves.
  • A girl watches sky lanterns.
  • A craftsman at work.
  • An illustrated girl wears a skirt made of leaves.
  • Two dancers.
  • A Peking Opera performer.
  • A goldfish.
  • A full-on fall fashionista.