Linggu Temple’s Fireflies Amaze the Midsummer Nights in Nanjing 2018-07-06

  • The Linggu Temple in July is the paradise of fireflies. These little elves shine in the midsummer to find partners and give birth to future generations. They have lightened the whole Linggu Temple and have made the midsummer dream that belongs solely to Nanjing. Every July and August, in the most stuffy summer nights, around ten thousand hidden fireflies fly out of the brushwood to stretch their bodies. Here the dreamlike scene is put on the stage.(xinhua/jianghe)
  • The historical sites which undertake histories look like fairyland, as they are surrounded by the nimble fluorescence.
  • Every time this year, the Linggu Temple becomes the pilgrimage destination for photographers. They squat by the roadside for several nights, waiting very hard for the dreamlike scene to unveil its beautiful and mysterious yashmak.
  • The dad employs the hands-on approach to teach his daughter to shoot those little elves. After more than ten years, or even after decades, this will become their shared beautiful memory should they look at the photo album occasionally.
  • The picture that repetitively appears in the childhood’s dreams is dreamlike. As it appears in the real world, it becomes even more valuable.
  • Be in the dreamlike fairy-tale world, speak secretly with these little elves, and dance together with them. Surrounded by the flying fireflies, as time flies…
  • Those unnoticed stone carvings in the day when you pass by. Yet as the pass-by fluorescence has lightened the decorations, the decorations remind people of the thousand years of time when they stood silently in the temple. The fireflies spread out on the chairs by the road, at the foot of the walls, on the bridge, by the stream…like spreading a long-long milky way onto the ground, shiny and quiet.
  • Ascending slowly along the green pathway from Xiaolingwei to Linggu Temple, in the quiet byway that has the length of thousand meters, ten-thousands of hidden fireflies fly out of the brushwood and become wandering stars.
  • Carrying dreams and hopes, these little elves dance everywhere in the dreamlike scene.
  • Here ten-thousands of fireflies fly like countless little stars in the sky. The dreamlike scene has been continued thus.