Dongguan Street in Yangzhou – Treasure from the Past2018-03-13

  • Dongguan street lies in the downtown area of Yangzhou city. It is one of the most typical historical streets in the city. It was built 1,200 years ago and still preserves the feelings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. (Source:Xinhua Net/Shi Han Yuan)
  • Dongguan street is a fish-bone shaped street. Both sides of the main street have numerous shops and stores. Tourists shuttling back and forth on Dongguan street show the prosperity of the street.
  • Dongguan street is also a condensed version of Yangzhou’s worldly-renowned gardens. Statistics show that there are over 40 gardens on Dongguan street.
  • The picture shows the bird’s eye view of a garden on Dongguan street.
  • The picture shows the bird’s eye view of Dongguan street.
  • Dongguan street still preserves the look and traditions of Ming and Qing Dynasties.
  • Dongguan street has the length of 1,122 meters. It is still one of the busiest business districts in Yangzhou city. Traditional handicrafts, snacks, and century-old stores, all of them can be found in here.
  • It is a place where history and modernity converge. It welcomes and embraces every tourist that coming to get a bite of the history.