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Jiangsu making headway in pairing-up assistance in northwest China
Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Wu Zhenglong and Governor Xu Kunlin were present at the meeting.
Asteroid named after middle school shines in the sky
The asteroid number "448988" was permanently named "Changzhou Middle School Star" under the approval by the International Asteroid Nomenclature Committee.
Winter Olympics sparks enthusiasm in ice and snow sports
The upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics has sparked record level enthusiasm in ice and snow sports across the country as many people have chosen to stay put for the spring festival holiday for the sake of COVID-19 prevention and control.
Latest Update on COVID-19 Dynamics in Jiangsu as of 24:00 January 26
Between 00:00 and 24:00 of January 26, no new confirmed case was reported and no new asymptomatic carrier was registered in Jiangsu.


Hello Jiangsu 20220126
Hello Jiangsu 20220126
Expats talk Olympics on streets of Beijing
What has happened between two Beijing Olympic Games?
Hello Jiangsu 20220125
Hello Jiangsu 20220125
Chinese technical official shares experience on preparing for Beijing Winter Olympics
Wu Yu, who's about to serve ice hockey games at the Beijing Winter Olympics, shares her story about becoming a qualified technical official for Beijing 2022.
Hello Jiangsu 20220124
Hello Jiangsu 20220124