Suzhou's accommodation and catering industry revenue up 9.3% in first three quarters

2018年11月08日 15:31:51 | 来源

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  Suzhou reports 50.981 billion yuan (US$7.35 billion) of revenue in the accommodation and catering industry in the first three quarters, up 9.3 percent from a year earlier.

  This year, the catering industry of Suzhou highlights a new kind of simple catering style as a result of supply front reform, quality and efficiency improvement and mass catering consumption upgrading in the industry.

  Besides, adjustment in product structure and commercial mode has become a new driving force for the city’s catering industry. A number of new catering products, brands and operation modes have emerged.

  In the first seven months, the turnover of the accommodation industry increased 10 percent from the same period of last year to more than 50 million yuan.